The NYU Showcase

My first film at NYU, IN THAT MOMENT, has been selected to be showcased on the NYU Grad Film website. You can watch the entire movie on the site.

If you are thinking of applying to Grad Film, the Showcase site lists some examples of all the films we make while we are at school. The MOS, Observational Documentary, and Adaptation from the First Year, the one key Second Year film, and then the Thesis film.

The really cool thing about the Grad Film program is that it keeps evolving – till recently, the third year was mainly devoted to writing, planning for life after grad school and doing your own projects, but due to curriculum opportunities in my year, we made a lot of films in the third year too. Everyone made at least one film and some people made as many as three. I’m sure some of these films will start showing up in the Showcase in the future.