A review of In That Moment

This is the first review of the movie that I’ve seen.

Shripriya Mahesh’s film about a brief romantic, mysterious and yet quite an ordinary encounter between a performance artist whose still poses are meant to attract both small donors and admiration and a woman who seems to be the attention of his gaze. Without words and with ample richness of images in B &W, the film is a short and sweet surprise.  If short films were to make statements of grandiose proportions, we would we would come away very dissatisfied most of the time. But if they were meant to lead you to affective and then the levels of thought, then they carry the force of their form. This film is a good example of what the form claims the idea that brevity is the wit of the soul.

This was my first movie at NYU. There were several project constraints – it had to be shot in B&W, it had to be all daylight exteriors and, most importantly, it could have no dialog. In the end, I think each of those factors helped make this film better. Funny, how constraints can do that…

The film’s trailer is here.