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  • This video is removed!! 🙂

    Its a proud moment for Indians. “Jai ho” song simply rocks.

    For westerners, this is an amazing movie that casts a rags to riches story, however, for Indians and mumbaikars, this movie did not appeal. Their way of life is through struggles. The greedy men who top the Billionaires list in India are least bothered about their Socially responsible obligations that they owe to their society. Down south, Mallya flaunts his Airplanes and Yatches. Companies might help or might not, But the Huge information out burst will certainly DO.

    Jamal malik was not expected to have all the answers to win. But infact, he did. Every thing came to him…..As information flows freely around like the free air to breathe, comes the day everyone sees the future…

    Hail internet!! Hail Wikipedia!!