The other arts

Over the past week, I’ve watched just a couple of movies, but I have been steeping myself in other art related activities in New York City.

As someone who comes to film in my thirties, I am a huge believer that to be a good filmmaker you not only need life experiences, but you also need exposure to other forms of art. There is so much to see and so much to learn and watching opera or going to a museum will definitely make you a better filmmaker.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. Last week was Rigoletto at The Met and this week was the amazing auction at Christies.

  • Adam Hundt

    Have you considered going to see Tom Stoppard’s new play? I hear it’s very interesting. I’d love to make a trip out to NY for it (seriously, haven’t been to the city in a while)

  • I’d love to go. I just checked out when it was playing till and was heartened to see that there will be six performances in January and February and three in March. Probably makes sense to book now. Let me know if you really want to come – we can go together!