Lots of filmmaking on NY streets

If you live in New York, you’ve probably noticed that there are more films being shot here than ever before. A couple of months ago, there were trailers and craft services on my street for days and I see more and more crews everywhere I go.

On Friday, right where Park Avenue hits the Met Life building, I saw a crew. I was able to get one shot off on my phone. You’ll see a dummy hanging upside down, suspended from a traffic light. Too bad I couldn’t get a photo with the face – it was gruesomely banged up!
Crew in NYC

This surge in NY-based movies is at least partly due to the fact that New York’s Mayor’s office does a *phenomenal* job of making it easy to shoot here. Even as a student, the process of getting permits to shoot was really easy.

I’m all in favor of more moviemaking in NYC — thank you Mr. Bloomberg!

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