The Departed

The exceptional acting is what makes this overtly violent film exhilerating. Di Caprio and Matt Damon were great, but for me, the best actor by far was Mark Walhberg. His character was was so well written and the foul language flows off his tongue so smoothly that you truly love the character after the first 5 minutes.

Go watch it, but be ready for brutal, in your face violence, Scorsese style.

Good reviews here and here.

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  • Adam Hundt

    You’re right — Matt Damon and Leo DiCaprio were very good. I also like Wahlberg, Baldwin, and Sheen in the supporting roles. Nicholson was too ridiculous, was not really given enough structure by writers/director and was allowed to overact, as he has been very prone to do (for the last 25 yrs or so!). But certainly I think Damon may be nominated for an Oscar for the role.

    Its certainly an entertaining film, but needed the following:

    – to be shorter (by 15 min at least)
    – to not be so ludicrously plotted in the last act, in order to have any real weight as a work of art
    – to get more invested in the world of the film, in the lives of the characters. Scorsese seems to be observing but not thoroughly soaking himself in the subject matter.
    – less stuff going on; focus on core themes and characters, dont be so busy (and dont give so much screen time to Nicholson’s character which just takes time away from the more compelling double mole story)

    But certainly an enjoyable time at the cinema if you’re in the mood for some violence and bad behavior!