Second Year

Work update

The blog has been silent for a while because things have been super-busy.

The second year of the NYU Grad Film program is considered the most hectic for a reason. In the second year, we make the biggest film while we are in school. I started thinking about my film in the summer of 2010 because we had to show up at school in August with a first draft. Week one was a writing intensive. By the end of that week I realized what I thought was an acceptable first draft was not. Craziness ensued where I was rewriting and pre-producing. Oh, and attending classes.

Early November to the end of January was production period – no classes, just making movies all the time. 37 movies got made. In addition to my own film, I crewed on six other productions in different capacities. Production basically means being disconnected from real life – family, friends and sleep. It was the most crazily intense period of my life.

Since then we’ve been back at school and also editing the films. It’s been great to be back at school, great to be looking at the stuff that was only existed in my head a few months ago. And it’s amazing to see the films classmates have put together. Inspiring.

Being back at school also means having a small semblance of a life (as much of a semblance as film school will allow). And… updating this blog and the Tatvam site.

The Tatvam website is now up to date with all the films and projects I’ve been involved with. Check out the Films and Projects pages to see what’s been going on recently. My own second year film is not yet on there. That’s because I don’t have a title that works. Hopefully soon…