Reprise screens in Australia and Colombia

Reprise is an official selection at the 23rd Melbourne Queer Film Festival and plays with a great set of short films.

It was also selected for the Cine en los barrios section of the 53rd Cartagena Film Festival, which seems like a cool, experimental section to take the films out to the people.

Now, it would be much cooler if I was actually able to go watch it being screened at either location, but I’m excited about the Australian and South American premiers and happy that more people will get to watch it.

Many thanks to the programming staff at the festivals.


REPRISE was mentioned in The Huffington Post

Three films remain fresh in my memory: Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla’s Embrace about the 2008 terrorist massacre in Mumbai; Strangers with young director Kabir Chopra and young actor Zoran Saher; and Reprise, a “relationship” film featuring two women and a college-bound daughter.

And he spoke to Angela, who plays the role of Sarah:

Angela Perri, an actor in the short Reprise which dealt with an abusive relationship, told me at the after-party:

I was intrigued at first by the character, an abusive alcoholic in a same sex marriage, and then further by Shripriya Mahesh’s (the writer/director) treatment of the relationship between the two women. Even though on the surface it might seem the details would create an unfamiliar situation for me, the story — one of connection, relationship and behavior — rung a deep familiar chord.

 Thanks to Aseem and the New York Indian Film Festival for the opportunity to screen in New York!



REPRISE – updates

REPRISE, my second-year film, was an Official Selection at two Academy Qualifying festivals – the Palm Springs International Shortfest and the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

It also won the Best Student Short at the deadCenter Film Festival and was an Official Selection at the oldest LGBT festival in the world, the 36th San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, which is known as Frameline.

It was also at a clutch of other festivals and I am honored by the reception. I’ve been remiss in not updating the blog, and promise to be better in future.