The Way It’s Played
Narrative. Short FIlm. HDSLR. 2011

The Way It's Played

Written and directed by Shripriya Mahesh

The card game is the highlight of the week for Georgia, Marilyn, Norma and Ruth. More than a social gathering, it’s an exclusive refuge where they are on top of their game. The Way It’s Played explores what happens when a highly-functional member of the group starts to falter.

Executive Producers
Priyanka Mathew
Anu Nanavati Chaddha
Sunil Chaddha

Georgia – Nikki James
Norma – JoAnna Beckson
Ruth – Lucy McMichael
Marilyn – Suzannah Matalon
Chickie Cadman – Suzan Perry

Director of Photography – Eunice Lau
Gaffer – Mithun Gangopadhyay
Assistant Camera – Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo
Sound Mixer – Bella Wing-Davey
Boom Op – Ed Barnes
Production Design – Alexis Gambis
Assistant Director – John Ryan Johnson
Production Assistant – Ravi Krishna
Production Stills – Ruoyi Jiang
Makeup Artist – Donald Suggs
Editing – Shripriya Mahesh
Music – Sean Mahoney
Graphic Design – Deepak Swaminathan
Sound Designer – Alan Blanco
Sound Mix Engineer – Arjun Sheth
Colorist – Pedro Padilla
Producer – John Ryan Johnson
Written and Directed by – Shripriya Mahesh

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Film Festivals
11th New York Indian Film Festival
Official Selection (USA, May 2011)

30th New Jersey Film Festival
Official Selection (USA, Sept 2011)

11th River to River Florence Indian Film Festival
Official Selection (Italy, Dec 2011)

11th Anchorage International Film Festival
Official Selection (USA, Dec 2011)

12th Sacramento International Film and Music Festival
Official Selection (USA, Aug 2011)

18th Ohio Independent Film Festival
Official Selection (USA, May 2011)