OK Breathe Auralee
Narrative. Short Film.

OK Breathe Auralee

Edited by Shripriya Mahesh

Auralee wants a baby, and her boyfriend, Colin, is not so into it. The movie examines how our history and culture always seem to come back to us at important moments in our lives.

Editor: Shripriya Mahesh
Writer/Director: Brooke Swaney

For detailed cast and crew, check out
the film’s website

Film Festivals
NBC Universal Short Cuts Film Festival
Finalist (Oct 2012)
Winner: Best Actress, Kendra Mylnechuk

Melbourne International Film Festival
Official Selection (Australia, Aug 2012)

Sydney Film Festival
Short Film Competition (Australia, Jun 2012)

NYU First Run Film Festival
Award: Faculty Commendation
for Editing (April, 2012)

Sundance Film Festival
Short Film Competition (USA, Jan 2012)